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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sporn Mesh Control Harness

Like many dogs, Mischa had the problem of leash pulling. I notice this especially when she was excited or could not wait to greet another dog, or even chase squirrels. I spoke with many pit-bull owners about the pulling and recieved some feedback on ideas that I was not crazy about. Some of the ideas for the behavior were the choke chain, pinch collar, and noise makers attached to the leash. One owner recommended the sporn mesh control harness, which sounded more humane than the other options. I decided to give it a try and instantly fell in love.  
This harness can be found at a variety of pet supply stores and even at Wal-Mart. It has a simple design and your dog will find this comfortable to wear. The mesh harness is made out of a breathable nylon fabric and has extra padded support under the front legs. This harness gives you more contol over dog and provides less stress for you when on walks. When your dog goes to pull, pressure is applied to the rear of their front legs which is uncomfortable for the dog. This harness worked magic for my 85lb strong, young dog. Paired with a retractable leash, it makes for a great time when on the trail or at the park. As soon as I stop, she stops immediatly. I no longer feel like my arm is going to detach from the socket when she pulls and this allows us to enjoy our walks together.

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