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Monday, March 5, 2012

Mischa’s Favorite Spot

Having a dog that loves to chew can be hard for an owner. Finding just the right bedding to ensure your dog is comfortable can be a challenge with a chewer. I can tell you, a lot of money was spent on buying fancy beds for my girl. It was a waste of money. I found she would rip them open and de-stuff them a couple days after the purchase. On top of the price, there was a mess to clean up, and finding out that some of the stuffing ended up in the digestive track of my dog was a little unnerving. Furthermore, I found the beds were hard to keep fresh.

I always bought the type of bed with the removable cover so I could wash it easily. The cover always shrunk in the dryer and never fit the same after washing. One time the zipper broke after I had tried to put the case back on the bed. Finding the right sleeping arrangements took some time. Through trial and error, I finally found a solution, blankets. I had some older blankets that we had no use for and layered two of them on the floor for Mischa. She took to the arrangement, making herself comfortable in her new bed of blankets every night. Sometimes, I will find a fleece throw on sale and throw it over the folded blankets for some added softness. Having blankets as her bed is wonderful because I can wash them all time and I don’t have to worry about squeezing on a cover or using Febreeze to freshen the part of the bed I could not wash. On a personal note the blankets idea stemmed out of Mischa’s favorite spot, the laundry pile. When I would sort the laundry on the floor, and was not looking, she would make herself comfortable on top of one of the piles. I never thought in a million years a dirty pile of laundry would solve one of my problems.

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