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Monday, March 5, 2012

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

Breed specific legislation (BSL) can be compared to a band aid. It is not a long term solution to handling dog breed issues. Many times the responsibility is truly in the hands of the owner, if they choose the road to irresponsible dog ownership the owner  should pay and not the breed. Breeds like pit-bulls are the main breed affected in bans. This is mainly from the negative press from the media. Unfortunately, this is not based in any truth. Many of the dogs involved in attacks are not pit-bulls but of a mixed breed. Breed specific legislation does not stop criminals from dog fighting dogs or using them for illegal purposes.

Behind breed specific legislation is nothing but paranoia and prejudice. This hits home to me as a responsible owner. When there is an attack in my community by a pit-bull type dog, I hold my breath and start to tell people that it is an isolated incident. I feel the need to protect the name and have Mischa be a model pit-bull. To show how well behaved and fun the breed can be. No matter how hard I try, when something does happen, it makes the whole breed look bad. People who know Mischa can rationalize that not all pit-bulls are vicious because of their exposure to her. However, people who do not understand the breed  will judge and label them all as dangerous. In order to stop breed specific legislation from coming into our neighborhoods we must all show responsible dog ownership. I truly believe if some rescue groups and local ASPCA’S could offer responsible dog ownership classes to the public, the classes might help people with their dogs in the beginning of dog ownership. The classes could offer insight to different breeds and help identify warning signs. For dog owners, adding a support system could be an effective alternative to banning breeds. 

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