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Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Story

My partner is not in love with my dog as I am. About two years ago while in a transition in my life I decided that I wanted to have something to take care of. I knew that I could not handle a baby at this point in my life, so I decided I wanted a puppy. Besides we lived in the most dog-friendly place around and I felt the neighborhood needed another member.

A friend of mine had told me about a litter of pit-bulls. They were from a good local breeder that she was interested in. The breeder was trying to get rid of the litter and had reduced the price dramatically, and if I wanted one. When I arrived at the breeders house there was one puppy, which was the runt on the litter staying away from the pack. I knew when I saw her that she was the puppy for me. She came up to me and picked up her head and looked into my soul. I couldn't resist, I had to have her. She was just the cutest little thing you have ever seen. The first thing she did when I picked her up is take her paw and put it on my cheek. I took some time and discussed with the owners the whole process of growing the puppies and the temperament of the parents which were there on the premise.

However, there was one problem, I lived with partner who did not want a dog and had told me on several occasions that we should not get a dog because we are never home. Plus, we lived in a one-bedroom condo and there was no space for a dog to stay. I put his advisement to the side and decided to bring this puppy home anyway and deal with the ramifications later. I had always grew up with dogs and I felt was financially secure and had a good home to offer. She would be my little princess. I would need to go shopping and made a list of supplies to pick up on the way home.

1. Puppy Food - I decided to keep her on the puppy food the breeder had started her on, so I wouldn't upset her tummy.

2. Toys - Puppies like to chew so I decided to get her a couple different Kong Toys.

3. A crate - I purchased a large crate (puppy apartment) with a divider so I could adjust as she grew. My thought was she was going to grow fast and I would not have to keep replacing the crates.

4. Puppy Wee-Wee Pads - This would be so she would have a spot to go when we were not home.

5. Carpet Cleaner- An absolute must if you have carpet, just make sure it is safe for puppies.

6. Fleece Blankets - I picked up some extra blankets to keep her warm that were only hers. I made sure they were washable.

7. Flea and Tick medicine for puppies - I also purchased a bottle of puppy shampoo.

8. Food Bowls - I bought small ones for food and water.

9. Collar and Leash - I wanted her to get used to a collar as soon as possible, and walking on a leash.

10. Nail Clipper and File - Puppies nails grow fast so I wanted to be prepared.

I put my new puppy, which I named Mischa in an old cat carrier and set on my journey home. When I arrived home my partners car was already there and my heart started to pump. I was scared that he would make me take the dog back. So I went inside to see what kind of mood he was in and found him asleep. I thought great, this was my opportunity to get the dog inside. i brought her in and put the carrier in the kitchen where I could set up some training pads and gates.

When he woke up he was like “ What the hell is this....”. When he is mad he calls me by my last name, he was mad and I must have heard my last name a million times. He told me to get the dog out of the house. I fought him for about an hour before I said I would take her back. Well I figured I would soften him up over time and we would be able keep her. He likes to act stone cold sometimes but, I know he is a big teddy bear.

One day I saw my partner and Mischa playing on the floor. At that moment I knew that Mischa would be a part of our family forever. He eventually came around and realized we should have done this earlier. He likes to take her out in the car and to the park. Mischa comes everywhere with us, she is such a good dog and really likes to run the roads. She is perfect for our busy lifestyle, and we love her more and more every day. And while I am writing this he is out walking Mischa happy as can be.

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