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Monday, May 14, 2012

If Mischa could talk....

If Mischa could talk she would tell me I love you everyday. Instead of using those desperate eyes, trying to communicate what she wants, she would start every sentence with "Mom, can we...?" I know every evening she would tell me after our walk that she wants to go for a ride in the car. She would tell me that she wants to go for a hamburger at the local drive-thru. Then she would tell me that she wants to go to the park to visit her friends from play group. She would tell me she likes to play with the funny looking donut toy and teasing her friends.

Every morning Mischa tries to communicate me, if she could talk, it would be easier for her. She does a good job trying to tell me things with her suggestive behavior. In the morning before I leave for work and right after our morning walk she sits in the hallway with those sad eyes, just looking at me. When I grab my keys she picks up her head in hopes I say let's go to work. If she could suggest that everyday was a good day to go to work. She would also convince me that she would be on her best behavior.

Before bed, she would request something to chew on like a meat bone. Sometimes I think that she would tell me to be quiet because she has to rest up for the next day. She might even complain she is a light sleeper and suffers from sleep apnea. Mischa snores so loud the neighbors can hear it. She would also request a quick tummy rub before retiring to her bed for the evening. You have to love dogs!

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